Instructions for Searching Related UHN cDNA Slides

How to enter in the UHNids :

Enter in the UHNids separated by a newline or a space or click the browse button to select your file that contains the UHNids separated by newlines or space.

Microarray :

Select the Microarray type that you wish to use. You may only select one at a time.

Nearby Genes :

Select the location of the genes that you wish to find corresponding to the UHNid clone.

Results :

The G or U within the brackets found after the related UHNid denotes how the related UHNid genes was found either using U - unigene or G - gene id or both (G,U). The '+' denotes an upstream gene, the '-' denotes a downstream gene, and the '0' denotes a gene for within the UHNid cpg clone.